Powering Top Influencer Lists with Data and Community

Recently we teamed up with Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing to create a list of the Top UK Online Marketing Influencers & Bloggers.

Together we combined peer nomination, influencer discovery and social data to come up with a final list of experts in SEO, SEM, social media marketing, content marketing and more.

While creating a list of top people is nothing new, the process of using social data and peer recommendations to find and rank active online contributors is novel.

For this list, community input was used to seed the project and our discovery engine found additional people publishing on-topic articles.

We also relied on data about each person’s audience size (reach) and engagement (resonance). So while the focus of this list is on bloggers, their ability to reach and engage an audience across social platforms was part of the influence equation.

Perhaps the most common question when a list comes out is… how can I be included? The answer for this list, and all Traackr-powered lists is simple: 1) actively publish relevant content, and 2) build a highly loyal and engaged audience.

3 Unique Elements of Traackr-Powered Lists

1. Only Humans* Allowed

The Top UK Online Marketing Influencers & Bloggers list is made up of individuals. You won’t find a blog or publication making this list. And even though the people on this list are often publishing on many sites, alongside other writers, they are only getting “credit” for the content they author.

2. It’s Content-Driven

Without a way to measure someone’s authentic influence relative to a specific topic, it’s challenging to know if an individual is truly influential on the topic you care about. Using Traackr, this list is based entirely on the content people produce on the web and how relevant it is to the topic of online marketing.

3. It’s Dynamic

Perhaps the most exciting part about Traackr-powered lists is that they will change. New people will emerge and people who made the list will move around based on the original content they write and share. This means the TopRank list will always be a very up-to-date resource for anyone looking to learn and engage with the people leading the online marketing conversation in the UK.

If you are lucky enough to be in the UK next month, you should check out SES London where some of the best digital marketing minds will shed light on top strategies for online marketing in 2013.

Lee Odden will be speaking there on Creative Content Marketing—Winning Hearts, Minds, & Wallets. Given his ability to produce consistent content that gets serious engagement**, you won’t want to miss his session!

*If aliens start sharing content on our social web, we will consider revising this rule  🙂  
**The TopRank list of the Top 50 Influencers & Bloggers received over 1,000 social shares in under two days!

Want to learn more about how to define online topics and create online influencer lists? Download the Guide to Influencer Marketing for tips on creating and leveraging influencer lists in your digital marketing efforts.