Surefire Ways to Turn Off Your Influencers

There are documented best practices for how to engage with people online. Many folks have written at length, ourselves included, about how to genuinely win the hearts and minds of the people who drive the conversations that matter to you on the web.

Despite the abundant good advice out there, misconceptions about influence and poor practice when it comes to influencer engagement persist.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we rounded up our favorite horribly cheesy pick up lines for online influencers. The goal of course is to have a good laugh, then banish these lines and their underlying issues forever.

If we succeed, we’ll all be on the road to more authentic, meaningful and effective influencer marketing. In the meantime, let’s have a laugh.

7 Cheesiest Ways to Catch the Eye of Your Online Influencers

7. I’ll mention you if you mention me.
6. Is that a blog post in your pocket…
5. You’re so special more than 99% of the web has looked at your profile.
4. If you were a comment, you’d be some fine print.
3. I noticed the only thing between you and me is 3 degrees of separation. What do you say we connect?
2. Are you on Quora? Because you are the answer to all of my prayers.
1. I’ve got a Klout score of 48 and you’ve got a score of 52. Let’s get together and make like Justin Bieber… 100.

Which one makes you cringe the most? Has anyone ever tried one of these on you? Got any more cheesy lines to add?

For tips on how to engage with influencers without the cheese, check out the final chapter of our Guide to Influencer Marketing.

Happy Valentine’s Day!