Focus Is the New Black: From Social Listening to Social Impact

Everyone wants insights. Those golden nuggets of information presented in the right context at the right time help you make the best decisions and take the right actions. Today, we are releasing the next generation of Traackr to help marketers create meaningful impact through their social efforts. At the very heart of this brand new Traackr is focus.

The web is a vast ocean of content and, to date, marketers have been really limited in their ability to uncover actionable social insights in this web of noisy chatter.

General social monitoring tools have only helped organize the noise. To have an impact, you need a way to filter out the noise and focus on the people and content that matters to your business.

Since we originally launched Traackr back in 2010 and introduced the first contextual influencer identification tool, influencer marketing has evolved into an advanced marketing practice and we’ve had the pleasure of observing our customers leverage Traackr to create amazing influencer strategies that have had incredible impacts on their business.

As these pioneers started developing best practices to succeed in influencer marketing, we’ve ourselves taken a good look at Traackr to figure out how our platform could further support their work.

Today we’re launching the new Traackr platform that embodies all that we’ve learned and has one single purpose: help you make your social strategies count by filtering the web by the people and the content that matter to you and your specific needs.

By focusing on people and content, Traackr delivers the most actionable insights possible on the social web. Every piece of information we surface is intended to help you build your strategies, stay on top of dynamic conversations and coordinate social initiatives with confidence.

The new platform introduces Instant Influencer Search, giving you a fast and easy way to discover your influencers. Instant Search is intended to democratize influencer search across your organization to make it a reflex for everyone to know who their most relevant influencers are.

In addition to Instant Influencer Search, new features include:

  • New interface redesigned to better support a breadth of influencer marketing activities
  • Inline content so you can access any content published by influencers in real-time
  • Twitter integration so can engage with influencers immediately from the app.

If you’re new to Traackr, these resources are helpful:

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Includes 10 examples of how organizations are using influencer marketing to meet their business goals and 15 use cases to help you get started.

4 Ways Context Impacts Online Influence
Topic, intent, timing and location matter when you are looking for influencers. We say “if content is king, context is emperor”.

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