Introducing The Engagers

Today we introduce a new initiative called The Engagers. In this series of interviews with top notch social media, marketing and communications folks we explore the challenging practice of influencer engagement.

The idea for The Engagers emerged from hearing the same thing from many of my fellow marketing friends. “I know I need to engage with influencers in my space, but I don’t know how to do it or where to start”. These interviews will bring perspectives from the very mightiest of online engagers with hope that their secret powers will help us answer questions like:

  • How do you reach out to influencers?
  • What are creative ways to engage influencers?
  • What are the toughest challenges you’ll need to overcome and how can you be successful?
  • How is influencer engagement different from general social media engagement?
  • How can different marketing activities work together to create more impactful engagement?

Marketing has long been a balance of science and art. There are methodical ways to measure impact, traffic, influence, sales and many other metrics that matter to most businesses. On the flip side, there is a very subtle, creative and empathic side of marketing that involves understanding people and crafting compelling messages that speak to a preferred audience.

Increasingly marketers are taking on a new role: creating and maintaining relationships with online influencers who have the ability to move the needle for their business. This is a huge shift that demands additional skills and a new approach. But for all that’s new, the old art and science balance holds true.

At Traackr, we excel at the science of influencer identification, data analysis, monitoring and measurement. We pride ourselves on providing the most helpful and actionable information so you can make better decisions faster and spend your time focusing on the people and content that actually count for you.

Once you are empowered with these insights, the next logical step is to reach out and engage with your influencers. Yet, this step proves challenging for most — myself included!

With The Engagers, we’ll talk to “Earth’s Mightiest Marketers” to bring you their advice, stories and techniques. Each interview will showcase a slightly different take on influencer engagement based on the special powers of the Engager. Collectively, the group will hopefully help you take the first step or get to the next level of your influencer engagement.

Do you know a marketer with special abilities? Do you have burning questions you’d like to see addressed here? Please let us know in the comments or at the

First up: David Spark talks to us about how to raise your own profile so you can get the attention of the people who matter to you.

Engagers Engage!