Nimble & Traackr: Influencer Engagement Just Got Easier


May has been a defining month for influencer marketing. First, Danny Brown and Sam Fiorella launch their new book and framework for the practice. We released influencer network analysis (INA), which unmasks the next layer of influence showing you who influences the influencers and who an influencer is specifically influencing. Now today we announce our integration with social CRM pioneer, Nimble.

Our focus at Traackr has always been on finding the right people for your projects and surfacing truly valuable information about them so you can create effective digital marketing strategies. Everything we do is meant to give you actionable insights for market research, persona development, messaging strategy, outreach planning, measurement, reporting and more.

In that long list of important activities, there is one essential missing piece — influencer nurturing, relationship building and engagement. Up until now, our customers have been keeping tabs on engagement in ad hoc ways — often spread out over social networks, email and more.

As of today, our users can connect their Nimble accounts to their Traackr projects and centrally manage influencer outreach efforts. It’s a huge step forward in closing the loop on influencer marketing.

If you don’t know Nimble yet, it’s an intelligent relationship management platform that helps you build and maintain connections no matter which channel you and your contacts are using to communicate. It’s a CRM that is very aligned to the way marketers work because it’s built to handle a variety of engagement and outreach activities.

What makes the Nimble-Traackr duo worth considering is that now you have Traackr’s contextual influencer identification and content tracking coupled with relationship management tools that enable you to create a plan, implement that plan, document the results, and even follow-up periodically with a complete interaction history.

Our integration makes it possible to:

  • Quickly add influencers to Nimble so you can start recording all of your interactions with them.
  • Access complete conversation histories, schedule follow ups and set reminders for yourself so you always stay on top of engagement opportunities.
  • Coordinate influencer engagement across teams and projects so everyone is always on the same page.
  • Record notes about how to maintain a relationship with an influential person while accessing insights about them in Traackr.

This is the first time marketers have a solution that unites discovery, research, engagement and management all in the same workflow.

One of our customers, Chris Herbert, founder and CMO at Mi6 has been using both Traackr and Nimble to manage incredibly successful influencer programs for his clients such as SAP.

He’s thrilled to see the integration because “both products have proven to be extremely efficient in yielding great results for my campaigns and my clients […] their integration will bring more efficiencies and visibility to my programs.”

Our partnership with Nimble is the first integration we’re bringing to Traackr customers. We will continue to partner with best in breed services that add value to our customers by enhancing their workflow.

If you’re already a Traackr customer and would like to start using Nimble within your account, reach out to

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