The Many Faces of Traackr

The Many Faces of Traackr Infographic

It’s Friday. The sun is shinning in San Francisco. Yesterday the Warriors won and today, the Celtics are still in it. New awesome features are brewing in our platform and we’ve got a ton of great stuff planned for May in SF and online. Suffice it to say, it’s a happy day at Traackr.

For those of you who know me, when I get happy, I also get goofy… which is why I’d like to share this 100% scientifically generated, data-driven infographic created by our CXO, Eva Papadimitriou, to explain the All-Staar culture here.

We call it The Many Faces of Traackr.

In it, you’ll find out:

  • who really has authority here… hint it’s not our CEO :);
  • who’s Mr. Hollywood; and
  • who stirs the pot the most at Traackr.

Take a gander and get to know us. If you’ve wanted to reach out to one of us, now you know how! And if you’re lost and looking for the real Faces of Influence… come this way.