New at Traackr: Influence In Sight

Traackr introduces Influencer Network Analysis Maps

Online influence can seem opaque. There are so many people, producing so much content, interacting with even more people in an ocean of noise. Somewhere out there conversations you care about are starting and spreading, while opinions are shaped and decisions are made. You want to be there, but it’s difficult to see where exactly you should be.

Today we introduced an exciting new module to our influencer marketing platform that lights up your influencer networks so you can get at the insights you need. Our Influencer Network Analysis map specifically shows you how your influencers and their highly connected communities relate to each other within a topic.

The maps provide powerful visualizations of online influence data that give you important information about your influencers, their audiences and how content flows so you can make better decisions about who to engage and how to engage them.

How influence flows from one influencer in a network

How the Influencer Network Analysis Map Helps Marketers

Network maps are relevant to a number of influencer marketing use cases, including finding new influencers and creating outreach strategies. Here are some in more detail:

Identify Hubs and Find Ways to Build New Ones

One of the most striking things you’ll notice on our Influencer Network Analysis maps is the distribution of hubs. These hubs represent tightly knit communities where content is heavily shared.

By visualizing your influencers’ communities this way you can get a clear picture of the established nodes you can tap and see opportunities to create new hubs or communities. From there you can find opportunities to initiate or deepen your engagement.

This matters because influencers care more about their audiences than they do yours (and rightly so). Your influencers are influential because they have built an engaged following by producing content that entertains and educates. If you want your brand, product or employees to be a part of these communities, find ways to add value to their audiences.

See How Your Content Is Likely to Flow

The best influencer marketing experts know you have to focus in order to have impact. The goal is to create meaningful, mutually-beneficial relationships with the individuals who have a disproportionate ability to move your needle (sales, leads, visibility…).

Our Influencer Network Analysis map shows you how influence in a given topic flows via content through your influencers and their most highly engaged connections. This way you can be more strategic about how you engage.

Discover More New Influencers

As you develop and grow your influencer programs, you’ll be on the lookout for more people to add into your mix. Now you can browse your influencers’ most connected connections to discover new people who are likely relevant to your work.

We call these new people Connectors, because they are connected with at least two of your known influencers. They may be bridges to additional communities, engaged contributors or avid listeners.

With our Influencer Network Analysis map you can navigate through these individuals to find new influencers and expand the reach of your programs.

We’re excited about this new addition to Traackr. Networks are an important dimension of influence and when we can see them, we can create even better influencer marketing initiatives by building relationships with the people who matter most.

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