8 Key Attributes of the Modern Marketer

The Anatomy of the Modern Marketer

What does it take to be a new marketing leader? What will we look for in the CMO of the future? This infographic is our take on the skills and experiences that define successful leaders in this new era for marketing. We were inspired by our most forward-thinking customers and influencers. By analyzing the successful […]

People & Robots

Death of the Press Release

Have you ever experienced the joy of writing a press release? It’s horrendous. When I write a blog post, the words come smoothly. Sentences flow. I edit and rework it, but the language feels natural. Even when I experience writer’s block, it’s nothing compared to the painstaking process of writing a release. For the longest […]

5 Ways Big Brands Are Winning Big Time in Social

5 Ways Big Brands are Winning Big Time in Social

This week SocialMedia.org presented BlogWell Bay Area with eight case studies from some of the largest brands. @mainwilk and I attended and aggregated some of the highlights from these enterprise approaches to social media. Here’s the entire half-day event boiled down into five ways these large organizations are finding ways for social to contribute to […]

Content & Influence: Becoming a Lighthouse

An influencer is your lighthouse in a messy ocean of noise

Our latest resource, The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing & Influencer Strategy opens with a wise quote from an unknown source. “An influencer is your lighthouse in a messy ocean of noise.” Actually, the quote is not unknown. It was inspired by Douglas Sikes who, in addition to being full of wisdom like this, heads […]

Why Active Real-Time Listening Is So Valuable

Actively Listening to Your Influencers

One of the great lines in the book Influence Marketing is: The foundation for social media success is employing effective techniques and technologies to convert conversations into lessons learned for a business. When you listen to conversations you start to see things differently, surface fascinating information and uncover incredible opportunities to connect. But to make […]

10 Tips for Modern Marketers to Thrive

10 tips for modern marketers

A previous post on the emergence of empathy marketing set the stage on the need for marketers to reinvent themselves and their organization to embrace a new era for marketing, ruled by the social customer. How can modern CMOs go about initiating this transformation? Here are a few tips: Focus on your customers: Listening, observing […]

The Engagers: David Smooke on Social Media Engagement

David Smooke is Director of Social Media at SmartRecruiters, the hiring platform. In addition to overseeing SmartRecruiters’ online communities, David is the Editor-in-Chief of the SmartRecruiting Blog and co-organizer of the monthly Smartup events. David, you’ve built up an impressive community for SmartRecruiters over the last two and a half years. You started from next […]