New Strategic Partnership with Orange France

Today we are really excited to announce a strategic partnership with Orange France, the leading French telecom organization. Orange France has brought Traackr into their digital marketing solutions mix to power its social influence strategy.

Our partnership with Orange France is just one demonstration of how this company is leveraging innovative technologies to respond to key business opportunities including market research and consumer education.

Through the partnership, Orange France will be harnessing Traackr’s influencer discovery and insights to optimize its social media influence strategy. This is the second major social influence initiative for Orange France, which has consistently been at the forefront of social media innovation.

Early this year, Orange France began working with Klout to boost customer advocacy. The partnership with Traackr extends those efforts to help Orange project its brand into new communities and build strong relationships with influencers.

“The social web holds many insights for a consumer brand like ours,” says Odile Roujol, director of the brand and communications for Orange France.

“Our focus this year will be on explaining 4G technology to consumers. We wish to engage with key online influencers to demonstrate the benefits of using Orange’s 4G. With Traackr, we can focus on the most relevant individuals in any specific topic, get unique insights into their conversations and create relationships with people who can have a real impact on consumer’s perceptions and behaviours.”

This year Traackr has focused quite a bit on expanding our offering in Europe. We’ve added the ability to search for influencers by country and in different languages (French, Spanish and German are now available in addition to English). Currently we work with a number of leading brands and their agencies in the UK, Germany and France.

It’s an honor to join forces with Orange France and be a part of their forward-thinking approach to social!