A 3-Phase Process for Identifying Influencers

Influencer Identification Toolkit

Today we are launching a new toolkit to help marketers map out influence along the customer journey: Help! Who are my influencers? The purpose of the toolkit is help you find new ways to be creative and strategic about building meaningful relationships with the people who specifically matter to you.

Since the end goal of any good influencer marketing initiative is to impact your business (sales, leads, traffic, awareness), you need to first find the people who are actually influencing your target audience.

As we were creating this resource, I spoke with Shannon Coulter, VP Digital at Atomic, a Grayling agency, about the role of influencer identification in her strategic process. She had some very powerful insight.

“Through the conversations [social influencers] are leading, I’m able to understand so much more about my clients’ target audiences and their needs. It helps me tap directly into a customer mindset and definitely impacts my approach, not just to social media and content marketing, but to marketing in general.”

That’s what this toolkit will help you do: understand influence in your customer’s journey so you can build digital and real-life relationships with the right people for your business.

Part of the impetus behind creating this toolkit, was the book Influence Marketing by Danny Brown and Sam Fiorella (check out our Engagers interviews with the co-authors). Their book has done nothing short of skyrocket the practice of influencer marketing from a misunderstood and poorly executed social media technique to fully-fledged business necessity.

In this toolkit, we propose a three-phased approach for tapping into your customer’s mindset, identifying influencer touchpoints and ultimately finding the right people to engage.

You’ll find worksheets with examples to help you get your creative juices flowing for each phase, including:

Developing customer personas

Mapping customer journeys

Identifying influencer touchpoints

If you have ever asked yourself, how do I find the right influencers to create positive impact for my business?, this is the toolkit for you.

Help download! Who are my influencers? →