New @Traackr: Always Be in the Know

Are you in the know?

Today we are excited to announce two new features to our influencer marketing platform: Traackr Highlights and Trending Content. This release is another step towards our ongoing goal to help digital marketers create and sustain relationships with the people who matter most to their businesses.

These two additions to Traackr are both new ways to make sure you are always in the know when it comes to your influencers’ content. We’ve focused on the connection between content and people because content is a phenomenal vehicle for developing relationships with your influencers and involving them in your marketing activities. Read on or check out this short video!

Influencer News in Your Inbox

Staying on top of conversations that matter to you is now easier than ever with Traackr Highlights, our daily email digest of the most important mentions of the day. Every Monday, we’ll also include new influencers who have emerged in your projects. You can customize the frequency of your emails and select which of your projects you want to be notified about on a regularly basis.

“I look forward to the daily Traackr email because it’s a straightforward, easy roundup of all the relevant stories for my clients,” says Morgan Kleiderlein, Senior Associate at Eastwick who was part of our beta testers community. “With Traackr Highlights, I get straight to the most crucial pieces of content and influencers without having to dig for it.”

See Trending Content First

Now Traackr will point you towards the content your influencers deem interesting enough to share themselves. Our new Trending Content module helps you identify important stories on the rise, find out what other topics your influencers are following and see what types of content capture your influencers’ attention on a daily basis. From your project dashboard, we’ll show you what your influencers are sharing and who exactly is sharing it.

With Traackr Highlights and Trending Content, we hope you’ll never miss a beat, all while staying super focused on the people and conversations that impact your business the most! We’re looking forward to your thoughts and feedback! If you’re new to Traackr and would like to see these new features in action, reach out for a personalized demo.