The 9 Principles That Guide Influencer Marketing

Based on the influencer marketing programs our awesome customers have built, we analyzed the drivers behind their success and identified 9 guiding principles for influencer marketing. From “Think beyond demographics” to “Create experiences”, they’re simple tips that will help you find the right influencers and build relationships with them. We spell out these tips in the slideshow […]

Enough with influencer lists! Let’s work on your “impacter” list.

Are you the same as me? Two types of content typically just invade my content stream these days: top trends and predictions, and top influencer lists. Wait! There is another one: Number puzzles that read “99,9% of respondents have failed to answer this…” followed by a basic table that a 10 year old could resolve […]

3 values of Trending Content or “Who the heck is Richard Sherman and why is he trending on Twitter?”

Last Sunday proved a tough pill to swallow for our two main Traackr offices (BOS & SF), as both the Patriots and 49ers saw their NFL seasons come to an abrupt end. The Broncos handedly trounced our Pats, and the Seahawks barely eked out a victory over the Niners, with the game going down to […]