3 values of Trending Content or “Who the heck is Richard Sherman and why is he trending on Twitter?”

Last Sunday proved a tough pill to swallow for our two main Traackr offices (BOS & SF), as both the Patriots and 49ers saw their NFL seasons come to an abrupt end. The Broncos handedly trounced our Pats, and the Seahawks barely eked out a victory over the Niners, with the game going down to the last minute. In one fell swoop, our company’s year-long dream of viewing the first ever “TRAACKR BOWL” came crashing down.

Tears were shed. Profanities flung without regard. Beverages were tossed away in disgust rather than imbibed. January 19th, 2014 shall be remembered as a dark day in Traackr sports history…

I, however, representing Traackr’s sole Seahawk fan, feel great! WHAT A GAME! As a lifelong Seattle sports fan that’s had very little to cheer about the last few decades, this was a big win. And while I was certainly pleased with the victory, social media added to the enjoyment. Social media makes big events even bigger, as users share their infectious excitement and contribute to the overall magnitude of the moment. A majority of my Seattle-centric network was thrilled with Sunday’s game, and didn’t shy away from sharing their feelings online.

The same can be said about influencers – when something excites them, moves them, or is super applicable, they share it online. This is what makes Traackr’s new “Trending Content” module so compelling and relevant. It analyzes all of your influencers’ content and reveals trends and patterns based on their sharing activity. In other words, the content your influencers deem interesting enough to share themselves. Use this feature to identify important stories on the rise, discover topics your influencers are following, and see what types of content capture your influencers’ attention on a daily basis (this may or may not be an NFL game).

So, how does this help you? Here are three ways you can start using Trending Content today:


1) Learn about a space

Traackr helps you discover the top expert voices on a topic, and Trending Content takes it a step further. This feature compiles the top articles shared across your influencer network, so it is not simply an article ONE person considers important, but rather a culmination of the most shared content in your community. This is an exceptional way to discover interesting particulars about your current space; as well as learn about a topic you may know very little about.

Traackr Tip: While you can certainly use Traackr as your method of discovering the top influencers, also consider importing experts you already know.


2) Understand the content that resonates with the community

As a marketer, you want to produce content that your influencers consider interesting enough to share with their own audiences. Trending content gives you insights into the type of content your influencers like to read and share – which topics interest them most, which format they prefer, whether they favor infographics to blog posts, etc. These are potentially significant insights that could help increase the odds of influencers sharing your content.

Traackr Tip: Can you pick out the channels your top influencers are following/sharing? Perhaps a good place for online ads.


3) Create content related to what’s trending

For you content marketers out there – Trending Content helps you choose what content to create and curate. Write a commentary on a hot topic that’s being tossed around by your top influencers. Repurpose a trending topic into a blog post that tells your brand’s story.  Influencers want to share content that is meaningful to them, and here is you chance to learn what that may be.

Traackr Tip: As you begin forming relationships with your influencers, wouldn’t it be nice to see YOUR content show up in Trending Content? Use this section as a measuring stick as you continue to develop relationships with your top influencers.

*Note: All comments related to Richard Sherman’s rant shall be disregarded.