10 Tips for Modern Marketers

By connecting people to people, the social web created an ecosystem for consumers, users, employees to talk to one another, exchange ideas, transact, and organize at a scale we have yet to grasp. In a word, it has humanized the web and paved the way for a more collaborative way of doing business between brands […]

Marketing 3.0: The 6 buzzwords you should remember

In a recent and popular post Influencer Marketing: The OS of Modern Marketing (thanks Brian Solis for sharing) Pierre-Loic Assayag wrote about how marketing is being redefined under the pressure of clients and customers. His POV is founded on a simple truth; the interaction between brands and customers is changing in nature. Mass messaging is no […]

How Traackr is using Influen¢e to make a billion dollars (Warren Buffet doesn’t want you to read this!)

Every year at this time, I find myself thinking “If you can just make it until March…” The snowmelts, the first quarter of the year is coming to an end and the best tournament in sports is about to begin: It’s time for March Madness! This year there is heightened interest in the tourney — thanks to […]

Building the Influencer Marketing Category, One Innovation Hub at a Time

Last week, we launched Traackr for Sweden in partnership with Pronto. This release comes in context of expanding Traackr’s footprint in Europe (our platform is now available in the UK, Germany, France with more countries to be announced soon). Geographical coverage doesn’t explain though prioritizing the release in a country with a population of 9.6 […]