Building the Influencer Marketing Category, One Innovation Hub at a Time

Last week, we launched Traackr for Sweden in partnership with Pronto. This release comes in context of expanding Traackr’s footprint in Europe (our platform is now available in the UK, Germany, France with more countries to be announced soon).

Geographical coverage doesn’t explain though prioritizing the release in a country with a population of 9.6 million inhabitants and a GDP about the third of Spain’s. The reality is that these macro-economic data points don’t mean much to a business like ours…

Traackr is building the influencer marketing category, still dominated by early adopters. When we look at market priorities and market size, what we consider are:

1. Speed to market on the early adopter segment

2. Influence of early adopters on mainstream markets

In 2011, when we moved the company from our birth nest in Cambridge Massachusetts to San Francisco, we made the decision to focus on the largest early adopter market with the highest yield on mainstream, and managed to leverage the San Francisco / Silicon Valley ecosystem to help bring revenue, improve our product, and develop a beach head for mainstream markets. I don’t believe that Traackr would be around today if we hadn’t made this bold move. We have since built a commercial presence in New York and London, two major innovation hubs for marketing and technology, following a similar approach.

Our launch in Sweden and partnership with Pronto is to be taken in a similar context. Sweden is a hub for creativity, innovation and marketing. The Swedish market has been looked up to and seen by other larger markets as a test bed for new categories of products and services, be it low tech (IKEA) or high tech (Skype, Spotify). Our category stands at the crossroads between marketing and technology and Sweden offers a unique combination of great marketing creative talent and off-the-charts technology adoption, resulting in a super sized early adopter market for influencer marketing.

We’re excited by the prospect of working together with Swedish clients and partners and, with them, continue to pave the way to the global category we’re building.