Why Relationship Marketing Is the New Model for Luxury Brands


Whilst most luxury brands have been looking at the rise of social media and digital innovation from a distance, we believe that social media marketing and CRM are in fact a unique opportunity for many luxury brands. These new digital tools give them a chance to reconnect to their core values, employing marketing tactics that […]

Build Your Marketing Technology Stack Around People and Results

Marketing leaders are increasingly challenged to sort through a growing and seemingly endless stack of new marketing technology. Scott Brinker’s infographic of the marketing technology landscape identifies nearly 1,000 different vendors from which to select, and the list is growing. Gartner research director, Martin Kihn, observes that “the speed of change in digital marketing alters math… this […]

The Engagers: Elia Mörling on Why You Should Target Tribal Influencers

tribal frequencies

After we launched Traackr for Sweden a few weeks ago, I became curious about the state of influencer marketing in this thriving global innovation hub. I interviewed Elia Mörling, one of Sweden’s premier thought leaders in digital communications to find out more. Elia’s blog Tribaling outlines best practices and digital strategies for tribal marketing. H&M, […]

Step Up Your Practice of Influencer Marketing with the New Traackr

This week, we released a new version of Traackr’s influencer marketing platform that is not only a significant feature release for us, but also a milestone in our category. Traackr has always been at the center of influencer marketing. We are the technology that made it possible for our customers to scale their practice of […]