Why Invest in Influencer Marketing [Infographic]

While participating at a content marketing event last week, the head of social of a Fortune 500 company came to find me after my talk. Here is how our conversation went: Him: Loved your talk. I want to build up our activity in influencer marketing but it’s hard to secure the resources. The ROI is […]

Why Canada Is Rocking Marketing Tech

Hootsuite, Radian6, Sysomos, and so many other marketing tech innovations come from Canada. Why is Canada ahead of the pack when it comes to marketing innovation? For years, our cousins from the North have intrigued me by their success in marketing and tech, disproportionate to the size of their population or their economy. Is it […]

The mightiest influencer marketing solution just got mightier

We’re excited to release the newest iteration of our influencer marketing platform. Leading with a host of major workflow improvements, including a more advanced search and streamlined project creation, the new Traackr centers the user experience around building your influencer network, tracking meaningful conversations, and managing relationships. These developments come in support of Traackr’s thesis […]

June Events: Content Marketing + Influencer Strategy

This month, we are co-sponsoring several marketing events in the North Atlantic region. The common theme between them all is content marketing. As Mary Meeker highlights in her recent Internet Trends Report, the key for businesses to be successful today is to make content and community pillars of their marketing approach. Content Marketing is at a pivotal […]

Leading with Value: How Healthcare Innovator Navio Health Raised Brand Awareness Organically

Investment, fundraising, acquisition, valuation: these figures drive the media conversation around technology startups. For emerging companies, especially B2B, who are earning their keep paying customer by paying customer (the good old fashioned way, if you will), gaining recognition for achievements that land beyond the normal cache of investment sums can seem out of reach. Navio […]

Startup Life: Playing Through Cramps

Over the weekend, I saw my Twitter and Facebook streams heat up over the #LeCramp story: could it be that the greatest active player, the self-proclaimed “King”, bailed on his team because of cramps? For me, this incident during the first game of the NBA finals just reminded me of the reason why I’m not […]

Influencer Marketing Lab: Take Action with Competitive Data

I have worked with most, if not all of our customers at one point in time during my four years at Traackr. During that time I have witnessed some really successful influencer programs launch, and have also seen my fair share of influencer initiatives crash and burn. What separates the two groups? In this series, […]