Leading with Value: How Healthcare Innovator Navio Health Raised Brand Awareness Organically

Investment, fundraising, acquisition, valuation: these figures drive the media conversation around technology startups. For emerging companies, especially B2B, who are earning their keep paying customer by paying customer (the good old fashioned way, if you will), gaining recognition for achievements that land beyond the normal cache of investment sums can seem out of reach.

Navio Health provides a success story that bucks the trend.

Less than a year after their product launch, the healthcare systems innovator knew they had key brand stories coming up around ROI data. Practice Unite, their HIPAA-compliant smartphone messaging app, was streamlining communications between healthcare staff and delivering value to their hospital and care facility customers many times over.

Practice Unite provides a key solution to a niche industry where market demand is only just emerging. Navio Health knew they would need to think differently about how to rise above the noisy web, move beyond the echo chamber of early adopters, and get their story to a greater market of prospects and stakeholders.

Read the Case Study and learn how this emerging healthcare innovator put themselves on the map with authenticity and with lean, relationship-based marketing.