The mightiest influencer marketing solution just got mightier

We’re excited to release the newest iteration of our influencer marketing platform. Leading with a host of major workflow improvements, including a more advanced search and streamlined project creation, the new Traackr centers the user experience around building your influencer network, tracking meaningful conversations, and managing relationships. These developments come in support of Traackr’s thesis that influencer marketing is the OS of Modern Marketing. Developing relationships with key influencers is the cornerstone of success for any marketer and the new Traackr further enables marketing and communication pros to derive value from these relationships. With the new Traackr we are proud to provide our users with:

Mightier Influencer Discovery

Offering advanced search and filtering criteria plus an extended list of results, Traackr’s new influencer search enables our users to quickly and selectively hone in on the people who matter most to them.

Global Relationship Management

We’ve added a layer of integration between projects, affording our users the birds eye perspective that they need in order to structure and execute influencer programs at scale.

Streamlined Project Creation

Our evolved workflow equips Traackr users to create highly targeted influencer segments around specific initiatives, events, or product launches. Users can navigate seamlessly between their global influencer network and Traackr influencer search in order to construct just the right list of trusted contacts and new connections to collaborate with for any initiative.

Traackr allows our teams to collaborate better to keep track of influencers, identify the best people to talk to and when, and target a more focused audience to share stories and key messages with groups we wouldn’t otherwise be able to affect. —Allison Rivers, Weber Shandwick

We look forward to observing those many marketing pioneers using Traackr take advantage of these latest advancements in our influencer management platform to assert the practice of relationship-based influencer marketing and develop new use cases.

Get in touch with us today  to schedule a demo of the new Traackr, we’d be happy to show you around.