Top 5 Tips on Unplugging – by digital influencers

Something we don’t talk about too much here at Traackr is tips on unplugging from digital. The truth is, the more digitally-focused your job, the more important it is to give yourself a little digital break every once in a while, if even for a minute! We spent some time browsing our influencer lists for […]

Your Inspirational Checklist for Social Media Program Implementation

5 Tips to Pitch Social Media Strategy (in the form of inspirational quotes) If your organization hasn’t already implemented a social media program, chances are you’re trying to. Those smart marketers who already have strong social media programs in place are probably striving to grow those strategies even more. You might be running into some resistance from […]

Ever-Evolving Digital Marketing: YouTube

I’m Ginny – a digital marketing specialist here at Traackr. I’m new to the team, and since my background is in social media strategy for digital agencies, this will be my first in a series on the subject of ever-evolving marketing. Today, I present YouTube… YouTubers – YouTube stardom – a concept still baffling to my parents […]

Personal Branding – Vanity or Utility?

The Invisibles A few weeks ago, while traveling to Boston, I was listening to my favorite program on my favorite radio station, that I miss dearly since relocating West – “On Point” on WBUR. I caught a show called “The Invisibles,” with guest David Zweig, author of a book by the same name. The premise […]

5 Steps to Fast Track your Executive Influencer Program

We at Traackr have been fortunate enough to witness the evolution of the influencer marketing practice from the very beginning. One of the most interesting aspects of this journey has been learning from our customers and seeing new use cases emerge. One strategy, in particular, that’s becoming very popular among our customers is the development […]

Marketing, Meet Sales; Sales, Meet Marketing

Times have changed. The traditional “buyer” journey from prospect to deal has vanished, in part by the emergence and adoption of Social Media and the Web 2.0. In a simpler time, the traditional buyer journey looked something like this: The responsibility of marketers in the old world was to create awareness (and great marketers were […]