Influencer Marketing Evening, Stockholm, Thursday 18 September 2014

Creating Impact for your Brand with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the new growing points of attention for brands ramping up their social media strategies for 2015. Apple made its efforts to win the favour of the fashion industry clear, as key fashions bloggers were present in high numbers at its last keynote conference. Brands are working to invent new cases everyday.

Technologies and practices around influencer identification, engagement and measurement are being defined right now. Join top industry experts to discuss the potential and key challenges of Influencer Marketing on Thursday 18th September at United Spaces in Stockholm.

The evening will consist of four keynote sessions and a panel discussion, as below:

Welcome and intro from Nicolas Chabot, Traackr VP EMEA
Deeped Niclas Strandh, Creative Planner, United Power: Why is influencer marketing important for brand communications?
Sara Hernandez, Digital Strategist, Comprend: How to increase your influencer marketing by involving your employees?
Feffe Kaufmann, Co-founder, LeKa Innovation: Hands on advice on how to engage with influencers
Nils von Heijne, Creative Director, Pronto: A case study on how to measure online influence and the impact influencers have on a brand

Panel session: How to measure digital influence and the ROI for brands?
Moderator: Peter Mackhé, Editor,
Panelists: Nils von Heijne, Nicolas Chabot, Jeanette Agnrud, Head of Communications, Sveriges Kommunikatörer and Brit Stakston, Media Strategist.

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Thanks to our social video partner FKDV, the event will be live-streamed on here – video embedded at the top of this page #TRAACKRSE.

Traackr Stockholm speakers2014-09-10 at 11.15.47

Deeped Niclas Strandh is creative planner, digital strategist and owner of United Power Advertising Agency. His work consists in finding the big idea and integrating it with all parts of a brand’s communication but also to engage, educate and inspire. With his own company Deepedition DigitalPR AB, he has helped companies, organisations and people finding, understanding and executing their potential on the digital realms.

Sara Hernandez is digital strategist and client director at Comprend, a global agency specialising in online corporate communications. She works with some of the largest noted companies in Sweden helping them with strategies, tactics and campaigns for their corporate web sites, blogs, social media channels and mobile applications.

Feffe Kaufmann is co-founder of LeKa Innovation, an entusiast of many things, experiences, places, ways and thoughts. Digital marketeer, concept developer who loves social media and sustainability.

Nils von Heijne is the Creative Director and partner of digital communications agency Pronto, a full-service digital agency, specialised in analysing and engaging online audiences for clients worldwide. Nils is also a frequently hired speaker and has previously held the position of Global Digital Communications Manager at Electrolux Small Appliances.

Brit Stakston is a media strategist, author and lecturer. She specialises in digital business development with a broad understanding of the challenges and opportunities that the digitization creates. Frequent speaker, motivator and moderator, she is also an advisor to IT Minister Anna-Karin Hatt. An avid blogger, she has written several books, including Policies 2.0 and Like – share commitment, knowledge and passion in social media.

Peter Mackhé is a solution finder for all type problems, making changes in the business processes based on well thought out analysis that improves traffic and ROI. He writes articles on about all kind of analytics, digital, social and mobile media marketing. He writes about everything that can improve results.

Jeanette Agnrud is Head of Communications at the Swedish Association of Communication Professionals, Sveriges Kommunikatörer, an association with 6,000 members dedicated to developing the communication profession. She has also worked for the National Heritage Board and was originally a journalist, back when newspapers published articles on the website once a day.

Nicolas Chabot is VP EMEA at Traackr. An early investor in the company, Nicolas joined the management team in 2012 to spearhead its development across the Atlantic. Nicolas works with clients to help them capture the stakes of influencer marketing and support the execution of the agreed strategies through the implementation of the Traackr platform.