Traackr celebrates its Nordics expansion with an evening in Stockholm

On September 18th, Nicolas and I were delighted to be hosting the #traackrSE event at Stockholm’s Waterfront Building, to announce the official Nordics launch, including Danish, Finnish and Norwegian. Traackr launched in Swedish in February 2014 and clients have been looking forward to being able to expand their influencer programs with Traackr across Scandinavia – it is now possible!

With a room full of Stockholm’s leading PRs, digital marketers, and social media folks, and a superb list of speakers, I was keen to summarise the key points from the evening’s talks for those who couldn’t make it.

Nils von Heijne, Creative Director at Pronto, shared a case study of a highly engaging influencer campaign Pronto carried out using Traackr for their client Wineworld, and importantly how to measure this too. Their wine brand Barone Ricasolis wanted to reach a younger demographic and have a reason to connect with these people in an engaging way online. Pronto created a ‘job’ for one person to make their own wine in the Tuscany region, and tracked applicants (around 700) by each having their own hashtag.

Emelie tweet

One of the metrics used when picking the winner was how much they’d managed to engage a key audience of Swedish wine influencers. Nils and Pronto used Traackr to understand the networks around their influencers, and who they were influencing, but also to measure and analyse the campaign’s success. His key message is now moving this from being just a short-term campaign, to working with these influencers on an ongoing basis to create long-term engagement for the brand.

Sara Hernandez, digital consultant at Comprend, took a different perspective on influencers, looking at how a company’s employees should play an important role in advocacy strategies. First, you need a culture allowing employees to engage and share on social media, but also be aware of why people do (and do not share) content:

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 17.52.13

Inform employees of all the channels you have as a brand, Sara says, and encourage sharing internally and externally –

why would your employees share something if your CEO or boss doesn’t…?

Feffe Kaufmann, Co-founder, LeKa Innovation then presented his five cornerstones of influencer marketing.

Starting with who you want to target and why, Feffe adds looking at the context around this, and perhaps changing this to reach new crowds and audiences. Then, you can’t please everyone,

so address a few people, and be remarkable

– take care of these few. Unique (and personally tailored) content is the most perfect way to address an influencer by respect (after all, no-one likes a ‘Dear blogger’ email…). Drawing on Proctor & Gamble, Feffe suggests your messages need to be repeated, across channels – a single, one channel communication no longer works. Finally, the foundation of everything is the relationship, and making friends (Or as Nicolas likes to say, give, give, give, give, maybe get). Then crucially, staying friends – follow up, thank them and build a relationship.

Brit tweet

Traackr’s own VP EMEA, Nicolas Chabot, then hosted a Q&A with media strategist, Brit Stakston – and also our most influential tweeter of the evening! Looking at influencers online, Brit notes that 90% of people on social media are the ‘silent watchers’, 9% are engaging with content, and only 1% is actually creating content – so influencer marketing is about finding this 1% for your brand’s niches. Influencers should not just be there to amplify your message, but they can also provide great feedback and insights – involve them right from the start.

Never underestimate the power of the digital handshake!

As an influencer herself, Brit notes that she’s very cautious about sharing content with her own networks. She only shares things that she genuinely believes will help people further, or shows something that she believes important personally. Click here to watch Brit’s interview in full.

The evening ended with a panel conversation where Brit, Nils and Nicolas were joined by Jeanette Agnrud, Head of Communications at the Swedish Association of Communication Professionals and moderator Peter Mackhé from Dagens Analys. You can watch the full panel discussion here.

Special thanks to our social video partner FKDV and the team at United Spaces.

Finally, thanks to Oliver Lopez of for his excellent write-up of the evening.