Traackr Closes the Loop on the All-in-One Influencer Platform

We have entered a new realm of influencer marketing.

Now more than ever before, influencer marketing is not just a component of marketing alongside other strategies – it is marketing. Once a siloed practice, influencer marketing is crossing boundaries to guide strategies like content marketing, marketing automation, social selling, and much more. What was influencer marketing is now a relationship-centered approach to marketing strategies, and Traackr has been there all along.

Within Traackr, this evolution is illustrated by the development of features that cater to our clients in the growing relationship marketing space, better creating an all-in-one influencer platform: from an influencer discovery tool, to influencer management, to a new kind of marketing CRM.

The Traackr evolution means there is now no limit to the possibilities of marketers’ influencer programs. Traackr technology helps scale marketing practices, giving way to the next level of relationship-centered program development.

Nobody on the market comes close to Traackr as an influencer marketing tool,

– Gini Dietrich, CEO Arment Dietrich and author of Spin Sucks.

The latest release of Traackr updates, which happened just this week, includes new features allowing users to better manage their engagement efforts. Features like built-in engagement capabilities, easier monitoring of influencer social interactions, team communications and email tracking make collaborative, integrated influencer engagement efforts easier than ever before.

As the marketing world continues to develop with social media and new technology, intelligent marketers know that relationship-centered practices are the most effective way to communicate today. Traackr understands today’s marketing challenges, and is closing the loop, helping to integrate influencer strategies into strong marketing campaigns.

Learn more about Traackr’s new technology developments, sign up for a demo, and find out how an advanced influencer platform can best serve your organization.