Traackr Takes a Leap Forward in Leadership

Traackr just made an exciting leap forward by adding to our leadership team Amy Kelman, Chief Customer Officer, and Ian Bensman, VP Finance and Operations. Both Amy and Ian bring their expertise to Traackr to help us scale the business and assert our leadership in the fast growing category of influencer marketing.

We caught up with Amy Kelman and Ian Bensman last week, asked them to share their thoughts on the new roles, Traackr, and influencer marketing. Here is what they had to say…

What made you decide to join Traackr?

Amy – The product is cutting-edge and clearly best in class. The team is brilliant. Our customers are industry leaders in Influencer Marketing. And the market is growing so rapidly… it’s rare to find all of these in one company, and presents an incredible opportunity!

Ian – The team. The common thread in every interview I had with Traackr was “we all have each others backs.” I knew that this would be the kind of team that works together to make quick decisions, executes against our roadmap and delights our customers.

What gets you most excited about the company and space we’re in?

Amy – Influencer Marketing is rapidly becoming a key component of an effective social marketing strategy, and Traackr sets the standard for (influencer marketing) technology. The market for us is exploding, and the time is right to be at a company that provides such a compelling solution.

Ian – It’s not often you get to work in a company that has an opportunity to truly redefine a space. Influencer marketing is a powerful tool, and it is just in its infancy in terms of adoption. It’s growing fast, and it’s exciting to be leading the space at Traackr!

What are some of the things you’ve noticed already to be special about Traackr?

Amy – Responsiveness to customers — outstanding!

Product development team — brilliant!

Everyone gets along well, and there is a true sense of team-work.

Who are your real life influencers?

IanDavid Ortiz, as a fellow Bostonian.

What inspires you to do great work?

Amy – Taking on great challenges.  I never turn down a good challenge.

What Traackr value most embodies your own values?

Amy – Learn and Grow — I learn as much from my colleagues as I hope I influence them.

Ian – As the finance guy, I certainly believe in transparency. Everyone on the team needs to understand how their job performance impacts business performance, the bottom line and our ability to grow.

What are the most important traits of leadership in business?

Amy – Integrity, being a role-model, guiding your team, always learning, open-mindedness, listening.

Where do you think Traackr is making the biggest impact?

Amy – Teaching our customers about the importance of engaging with influencers, and helping them to achieve their marketing goals. Working with customers in such an exciting, growing, impactful space is redefining how brands engage and create successful social business strategies.

Ian – Helping brands sort through the “noise” on the internet, identify the authors of meaningful content, and helping to build impacting relationships with them.

What do you look forward to most in your future at Traackr?

Ian – Helping to build a large company that creates jobs and provides opportunities for its employees to learn and grow.

We are excited to welcome Amy and Ian to the team, introduce them to our customers, and get to work! They will undoubtedly be invaluable resources to our future and growth at Traackr. Please do reach out and get to know them both via LinkedIn or Twitter:

Amy Kelman LinkedIn@adkelman

Ian Bensman LinkedIn