The Impacters – A Video Interview with Nils von Heijne

We are proud to introduce here our new interview series, “The Impacters”, featuring today Nils von Heijne from Pronto, Sweden. In this series we will be interviewing some of the most innovative marketers both in-house amongst the world’s leading brands and from integrated marketing agencies, asking them to openly share their experience and, sometimes provocative […]

Social Media Engagement – All About The Give

  Social media engagement can be intimidating. But, when done right, our digital interactions can be as simple as in real life, offline relationships. At Traackr we suggest Porter Gale’s Your Network is Your Net Worth, where she outlines a give-give-get model in building relationships. And what better time of the year for giving than […]

Navigating The Marketing Technology Landscape

As Traackr becomes a fixture in a variety of enterprise organizations, we see a pattern emerging within the marketing technology landscape. Marketing leaders are faced with tough decisions on where to invest in the digital space, and more often than not there are multiple marketing technology tools necessary within an organization, making these decisions even […]

Loyalty is not for Sale – Courvoisier Case Study

Three years on and Courvoisiers’ experiment in creating the first brand community in the UK brings strong learnings that many brands are still ignoring. Brands are now well aware that their reputation and advocacy level depend on what their customers say about them and it has indeed been tempting to focus resources on buying recommendation […]

The Most Meta Influencer Marketing List Ever

This week I met with Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, content marketer extraordinaire, all-around cool guy, and big time influencer! We talked about so many ideas, including the Inception-like thought of influencers in influencer marketing. Then, we got on the subject of Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin’s meta t-shirt stunt – yes, we rambled some. On this […]