The Most Meta Influencer Marketing List Ever

This week I met with Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, content marketer extraordinaire, all-around cool guy, and big time influencer! We talked about so many ideas, including the Inception-like thought of influencers in influencer marketing. Then, we got on the subject of Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin’s meta t-shirt stunt – yes, we rambled some.

On this note I asked Lee, as an influencer, who some of his favorite marketing influencers are. For an epic #ff, here’s a list of marketing influencers from an influencer in influencer marketing:

Lee’s Influencer Marketing Influencers

– Pierre-Loïc Assayag (naturally!)
Lee’s Content Marketing Influencers
Lee’s Social Selling Influencers
Lee’s Social Business Influencers
Lee’s Marketing Automation Influencers

We took these lists one step further and imported all of them into Traackr.

We were able to then use our Network tool to find connectors – those who influencers are connected to within specific communities. For customers this feature provides a powerful visualization of online influence data and important information about your influencers, their audiences and how content flows, so you can make better decisions about who to engage and how to engage them.

Lee's Influencer Connectors


Traackr also identified additional recommended influencers for our list:
Brian Fanzo
Brian Halligan
– Gini Dietrich
Ian Cleary

And how’s this for meta? Traackr identified Lee Odden as a recommended influencer to add to the list!

Lastly, we know you want to follow all these amazing influencers.

So, we created a Twitter list for your convenience! Hope you enjoy!