Social Media Engagement – All About The Give


Social media engagement can be intimidating. But, when done right, our digital interactions can be as simple as in real life, offline relationships.

At Traackr we suggest Porter Gale’s Your Network is Your Net Worth, where she outlines a give-give-get model in building relationships. And what better time of the year for giving than now? So, let’s discuss strategies for building relationships and “giving” in social media.

Whether you’re a marketer reaching out to influencers, or a thought leader wanting to expand your digital presence, we have tips for you on social media outreach! First, we’ve gathered some advice from Laura Cleary, Social Advocacy Program Manager at Travelocity, to help start engaging and giving to influencers.

Tips for marketers from Laura Cleary, Travelocity:

  • You just have to jump in. You can become almost paralyzed with fear of offending someone, but know that if you’re doing things right and being friendly people will respond well. Just recognizing them and giving them credit sounds so basic, but friendliness can do wonders for engagement.
  • Listen to them, pay attention to trending topics, and really see how you can jump into the conversation. If you do your research, and engage in the right ways, you’ll never have to worry about your approach. And Aaron Thacker, Travelocity’s Social Media Manager, always says, “Don’t overthink it.” Remember that you’re just starting a conversation.
  • I have the Climbing the Ladder Infographic on my wall next to my calendar – I use it every day to engage with my influencer community.

On the other side of that coin, there are actions influencers can take to open the doors of communication, make it easy for marketers to develop connections, and strategically advance those relationships – a few of which we’ve compiled from Mel Carson, industry leader and Founder of Delightful Communications.

Tips for influencers from Mel Carson, Delightful Communications:

  • Always be learning. In order to have something to say you should be open to learning from companies in your niche. Better yet, proactively reach out to businesses and ask for a briefing from their marketing or PR team.
  • Ask companies to be put on their media list or to send you content for speaking gigs. If you’re writing about the industry they’re in, they should be willing to share news and announcements as potential content for you to write about or comment on. If you speak at conferences make sure you have the most up-to-date information or risk making them and your speech outdated.
  • Try not to take sides. Drawing lines that show you won’t be seen as a fan-boy (or girl) for any particular camp can pay dividends as companies vie for your attention, plus your followers will respect you’re giving them impartial thoughts and unbiased advice.

And finally, we’ve compiled a few of our own tips on social engagement to build friendly, and strategic relationships.

Tips from Traackr:

  • Work genuinely toward making influencers lives better without expecting anything in return.
  • Build a foundation for joint success. Once you’ve built a mutually beneficial relationship you can do things to improve the success of all parties – like send each other business.
  • For anyone you’re engaging with, do your research. Study their content to figure out their views and understand how they communicate with the community. This will help you decide how best to work with the individual or business – or if you should work with them at all!
  • Start conversations for conversation-sake, and be a pleasant communicator. Just like in real life, you may not get an immediate return from every interaction or friendship, but having more advocates on your team never hurts.
  • Listen more!

Remember, there is no one good way to start connecting – every outreach should be tailored to the person and circumstance.

For more resources on how to engage with influencers: