How to Build an Influencer Program for Enterprise Success

Each day at Traackr, we have the pleasure of meeting with marketing experts and businesses leaders around the globe and across industries to talk Influencer Marketing.  A common theme of these discussions has shifted fromWhat is Influencer Marketing?” toHow do I establish an effective Influencer Program for my business?” We have built our Customer Success team at Traackr to do just that – help enterprise customers build effective Influencer Programs. Here we share the core components of our approach.

Set your goals and establish a baseline

It goes without saying that your marketing program goals should support your overall business goals in a measurable way. However, identifying those goals and metrics can easily be overlooked in the early stages of an Influencer Program. Address this topic first; but rather than searching for the ways others have measured Influencer Marketing, ask key questions about your business:

  •  Who are our Influencers?
  • How do we engage with them now?
  • How do we want to engage with them?
  • What impact will these relationships have on our business?

Once you have identified your goals (which may be LOB or campaign-specific), the first step to quantifying results is to establish a baseline. This baseline is the measure against which you will assess performance. The foundation of our Enterprise Customer Success program is Program Advisory, in which we work with customers to identify goals, determine how to measure, establish a baseline, and then revisit progress on a quarterly basis.

Build the right team

One of the most common questions we hear from customers is how to build the right team to support Influencer Program goals. The key is to focus on what your team members need to do on a daily, weekly, and periodic basis.  This can be framed in the context of the Traackr Influencer Marketing Methodology phases: Discover, Plan, Engage, and Measure.

  • Discover: Identifying your influencers is an iterative process. While this activity typically may be more intensive at the start of a program, it is important to incorporate ongoing Influencer discovery as part of your team’s regular activities.
  • Plan: We can’t emphasize this component of an Influencer Program enough.  Your plans detail the tactical things your team will do to support the goals identified in the section above. And the specifics of your plan will likely change from campaign to campaign, and in response to insight gleaned from your metrics.
  • Engage: By far, engaging your influencers is the area to which your team will dedicate the most time. Engaging influencers takes many forms — from commenting on their content on a social network, to connecting directly, to sharing your own content – and requires designated people and time.  As Traackr’s Ginny Torok wisely points out, Influencer Marketing is just “interactions with humans.” Make sure you have the right people from your business engaging with the Influencers you have identified and per the plan.
  • Measure: In this era of data science, metrics are expected across all disciplines, and marketing is no exception. But don’t wait until your Influencer Program is underway to identify how you will measure the impact. Do this upfront: set your goals and establish a baseline. No doubt you will modify your program based on insight gained from metrics, and you will likely identify new metrics that will help inform your program.  Or your program may already be underway. Regardless, take the time to build or revisit your foundation

Once you know what you need people to do, and how frequently, you can determine your program staffing and coach your team members in their roles. Within our Traackr Enterprise Customer Success program, we provide Onboarding guidance: a combination of Influencer Marketing education, product education, and the application of these to your first (or an upcoming) Influencer project.

Plan for change

While on boarding is typically most intensive the first 90 days of your program, we recognize that businesses grow, people move around, and technology changes. Which brings us to our third tenet: plan for change.

Elements of on boarding, such as staff training in best practices, should be incorporated into your plans on an ongoing basis. And ongoing support for your Influencer Program is essential. You will need to adapt to new social networks, determine where to best spend finite resources, glean insight from your metrics, and adapt your program accordingly. Ongoing expert guidance is essential, and at Traackr, this comprises the Customer Support and Education component of our Enterprise Success Program.

Engage with us!

Building enterprise Influencer Programs for success is our passion. We recognize that Influencer Marketing is not one-size-fits-all. As your Customer Success team, we listen and we advise. We would love to hear from you, learn more about your business, and share our expertise.

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