What do you wish for marketing in 2015?

Happy Holidays from the Traackr team! This holiday season we’re thinking towards the future. Recently we’ve outlined the best tools for your 2015 marketing tech stack, laid out an audience-based approach to 2015 budgeting, and looked even further down the line at a 2016 marketing structure.

In addition to planning for the future, we have some wishes for the marketing in 2015. And we want to hear yours, too – fill out our survey, and see what everyone else is wishing for!

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From our team at Traackr to all our fellow marketers, here is what we wish for the future of the marketing field:

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“I wish 2015 to be the year the unavoidable exodus of marketing budgets from media spend towards smart spend starts. Media still dominates marketing spendings while being the worst performing marketing investment for most companies.” – Pierre-Loic Assayag

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“In 2015, I wish marketing would focus more on social responsibility.” – David Chancogne

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“In 2015, I wish marketing would focus more on impact.” – Nicolas Chabot

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“In 2015, I wish marketing would leverage the full marketing technology stack.” – Doug Sikes

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“In 2015, I wish marketing would focus more on providing customers with value-rich, sustainable, and meaningful products and services.” – Eva Papadimitriou

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“In 2015, I wish marketing would focus more on real people relationships and less on just pushing their own message. Truly engage and help your audience achieve their goals and you will achieve your own goals in the process.” – George Stathis

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“In 2015, I wish marketing would focus more on metrics that align to business objectives.” – Katie Paterson

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“My marketing wish for 2015 is that the leading solutions in different marketing practice areas (content marketing, social listening, influencer marketing, etc) begin to integrate with one another, to build out the interconnected marketing technology stack.” – Justin Dorfman

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“In 2015, I wish marketing will focus on listening and engaging, organically and authentically.” – Jen Mak

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“In 2105, I wish the marketing field would paint with thinner strokes by better understanding their audience.” – Ian McKay

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“In 2015, I wish marketing would focus more on building one-to-one, authentic relationships with customers, prospects, media, influencers…” – Me!

Wishing you all a happy holiday season. Can’t wait to see what the future of marketing brings in 2015!