#CMAD: How Do Community Managers Rock? Let me count the ways…

Today is a great day for community managers (like me). Today, the silent voice behind the brand is recognized. Today is #CMAD.

It’s our job to build communities, start conversations, grow thought leadership, generate awareness, start and maintain relationships, drive clicks (potential leads), be likeable, stomp out digital crisis, solve customer questions (or find someone who can), and so much more. Unselfishly building reach and resonance for a brand, not ourselves, today is our day to pat ourselves on the back… and community manage-on.


It takes a very particular set of skills to be a community manager. Here are just 20 of the many reasons why community managers are awesome at what they do:

1. They know when to talk and when to listen

2. They understand the importance of conversation (and know how to have a strategic one)

3. They are crazy-good at planning

4. They multitask like a multitasking beast

5. They can morph into any voice when needed

6. But they are always authentic

7. They know the secret to successful content (Social Promotion)

8. They get people (and they like them)

9. They appreciate the value of relationships

10. They’re friendly

11. They test out marketing tech, early and often

12. They know the perfect mix of proactivity vs reactivity

13. They can think of a million good blog topics, and always settle on writing the best one

14. They have a pulse on all events, internal, external, holidays (all of them)

15. They’re “always on”

16. They do so much more than, “So do you just tweet all day?”

17. They are the junction of PR, marketing and advertising

18. They are kind of social media geeks – but the kind of geek that everyone likes

19. They are empathetic

20. They show their appreciation for everyone else! (thanks for the RT, thanks for the follow, thanks for connecting, etc etc)

So, today, let’s all take a moment and thank a Community Manager – without them, where would your brand be?