Get Started – Influencer Content Curation

“Some say content marketing is only for people with deep pockets, and that short of creating Star Wars, you’ll struggle to make an impact. We happen to disagree.”

Source: recently published an ebook on lean content marketing practices for SMBs – and the truth is, all marketers, from SMB to enterprise, feel the stress of tightened marketing budgets and a sense of ROI urgency. One way to augment your content marketing and boost ROI, as highlighted by, is through the strategic development of influencer relationships.

In a world of constant content, getting a message in front of the right people at the right time is as formidable as it is essential. To rise above the noise, convey a message and mobilize buyers, turn to influencers.

Curating Content With Influencers

It can be difficult to curate good content from the web, because there is so much of it out there! Using influencers to filter through the noise is a great way to digest and analyze a smaller subset.

Curation is more than just content aggregation. Carefully select pieces of your influencers’ content and provide additional context, resources, and insight on the topics. In doing this, you add value to a larger discussion and make it easier for your audience to find content on their topics of interest. This also gives your influencers much deserved recognition, and will help you further cultivate strong relationships.

Here are some ideas to start curating influencer content:

  • Embed their tweets in your blog posts
  • Create a weekly roundup of industry happenings with your own analysis on top
  • Showcase the best of an influencer’s content in one post
  • Combine stats and figures from across your influencers’ reports into one infographic
  • Tell a story by pulling together the different ways your influencers talk about the same subject

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