A 3 Phased Approach To Influence In The Customer Journey (and worksheets, too!)

It’s increasingly true that we trust friends, colleagues and experts more than advertising.   Marketers who get this devote time and resources to creating authentic relationships with the people who matter most to their business. These people are the ones who influence your customers and shape your industry. Influence Is Everywhere In the past, influence was […]

Meerkat Madness: Innovation, engagement and marketing insights from SXSW

The topic of the week: Being SXSW’s breakthrough app is a dubious distinction, at best. Meerkat won SXSW’s software equivalent of the high school prom, but does that mean it will do well once it graduates to the real world?

Scooped from Mashable.

Surf The Influencer Marketing Wave

Influencer marketing is the process of identifying, researching, engaging and supporting the people who create the conversations impacting your brand, products or services. At the core of Integrated Marketing Communications, influencer marketing aligns PR, marketing, sales and product around a common strategy. Why Focus On Influencer Marketing?  This year influencer marketing will hit critical mass. […]

Top 25 Content Marketers In Enterprise Software – Texas/Central Edition

We’ve seen the power of innovative content marketing strategies, like influencer marketing to augment content strategy and boost success. Recently, one of our content marketing technology partners, Skyword, published the Top 25 Content Marketers in Enterprise Software: West Coast Edition. To develop their list, they used Traackr’s influencer search capabilities, and surfaced the most influential […]

The Marketers’ CRM – streamlining relationship marketing

Years ago, when brands got started on social media, the concept seemed simple: Set up a presence for marketers to easily reach masses of people. What became evident at the outset was that “no two snowflakes are alike,” and a customer audience consists of individuals, each with their own unique needs. 2015 is the year […]

How Traackr Maarkting Uses Traackr For Influencer Marketing

I joined the EMEA Traackr team in June last year to support the marketing (or “maarkting,” as our team calls it) efforts in Europe, with an initial focus on UK, France and the Nordics. A few years ago I managed an innovator community set up by the spirit brand Courvoisier that gathered up to 1,000 individuals. […]

3 Influencer Marketing Use Cases For Event Strategies

Just in time for #SMMW15, whether you’re participating, attending or listening from home, we have an influencer strategy for you. From engaging in conversation, to connecting with new communities, to promoting registrations, influencers can help your event strategy in many ways. By working with influencers you can create more lasting value with your in-person events, […]