Content Creation and Content Curation with Influencers

4 Reasons Why You Should Combine Content Creation with Content Curation

Yes, if you focus only on one of these things you’ll be in good shape. But you’ll be missing out on some of the most powerful benefits of them all.

1. It Helps You Build Relationships With The Right People

By creating content and sharing other’s content you are building relationships with other influencers and content creators. The thing is, bloggers and content creators have each other’s backs. It’s a community within a community.

2. Helps Build & Grow Your Network & Brand

By branding yourself as a thought-leader in both spaces, you will be able to grow your network across many different channels. In addition, you’ll also find that when you share other content, you’ll increase your engagement with those content creators.

3. Gives You More Backlinks

Links back to your site is a good thing. Once you start curating content, people will start to do the same for you. The more places your content is linked from, the better SEO results you can get.

4. Increased Conversion

Companies that curate and create generate 10x more conversions than those who only share their own content.

Source: blog

Create and curate with your influencers

Influencer marketing and content marketing can’t exist without each other. Without influence, content you produce stays stealth and won’t have impact. Without content, you don’t have a way to participate and you won’t have a voice to, in turn, be influential. Our Ultimate Guide To Content Marketing And Influencer Strategy can guide you through how to build relationships and create content that drive business impact. Here are a few tidbits…

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Content Creation

Finding creative ways to welcome your influencers into your content is a fantastic way to build a relationship with the people who matter most to your business. By involving your influencers in the content you produce you are doing two important things: enriching the expertise you bring to the table and expanding your reach to a relevant audience of potential customers.

*Ideas for creating content with influencers:

  • Poll a group of influencers and share the results
  • Interview your influencers to give them a place to shine
  • Share your influencers’ creation on your own platforms
  • Crowdsource ideas/insights for your content and give credit to participants in your final product
  • Allow your influencers to vote on your content and help decide what gets prime attention

Content Curation

Content curation is a great strategy for building influencer relationships. One benefit of content curation is that you’re publicly giving credit to your influencers and helping them perennialize their content, which adds value for your influencers. Further you are helping develop ideas and creating enjoyable experiences by making it easier for your audience to find the best content on your topics of interest.

*Ideas for curating content with influencers:

  • Embed their tweets in your posts
  • Record a weekly podcast roundup of industry happenings with your own analysis on top
  • Showcase the best of an influencer’s content
  • Combine stats and figures from across your influencers’ reports into one infographic
  • Tell a story by pulling together the different ways your influencers talk about the same subject