The Tyranny Of Marketing Success Metrics

As a child, I remember loving going to the circus with my grandfather – I have the vivid memory of an act by two clowns at the circus. The scene starts with the spotlight on a red clown on his knees going through the sand as if looking for something. A white clown walks by […]

Shareology: Bryan Kramer On How To Build Relationships Through Sharing

Sharing and the Development of Human Connections
When it comes to connecting with people, there are few better ways than creating a shared experience. However, when it’s not possible for an experience to be shared, the next best option is to share the right content.

As we share an increasingly larger amount of content with our contacts in different places, we can leverage this content to build relationships with people in our network. There are several ways that sharing content helps us do this:

Providing solutions. Perhaps you are sharing a helpful how-to article or an interview with an expert in a field that is relevant to your network. When others identify with the content you share because it helps them solve a challenge they are facing, it instantly strengthens the connection between you.

Making professional connections. The content that you share will often alert people in your network of needs that you have, and vice versa. If there is someone who can fulfill a requirement of yours, you can easily connect with them when you share content.

Building your influence. Sharing can also help people convey authority and education in a given field. The things that you share with people, both online and offline, have a huge impact on their relationship and opinion of you. Sharing the right content can help your message hold more weight in your field.

Influencer Relations: Not Just Another Digital Practice

We recently worked with Lewis PR to develop a report on influencer marketing that highlights the current approaches, opportunities and the key challenges of influencer relations. Lewis PR conducted the study with over 100 senior B2B PR, communications and marketing professionals from across EMEA, and the results shed light on some interesting insights. 1. Influencer […]

Singapore Steps Up Influencer Marketing

Good news for all Traackr customers looking to expand their influencer programs in the Asia Pacific region – Traackr is now available in Singapore. Traackr’s increased global availability is in response to the growing demand for reliable, scalable influencer marketing solutions. With over 5,000 users worldwide, 150 enterprise customers and 40% of leading digital agencies, […]

#SocialTools15 Top Content Marketing Social Technology Pros

With Social Tools Summit (#SocialTools15) right around the corner – May 12 – our Marketing Director, Katie, is ramping up for her panel on “Content Is King! Long Live Content Marketing!” In this panel she’ll be adding to the conversation about how influencer strategies play an integral role in content marketing. You can follow the community that’s already […]

#GartnerDMC: People, Process and Providers

MT @mvitucci: 47% of CMOs responsible for digital innovation. #GartnerDMC @GartnerDigital @kirstenpetra – what r the others doing? — Steve Hardy (@steevh) May 5, 2015 “The best marketers recognize that success is rooted in the people, processes and providers that enable marketing magic to happen.” (Source: Gartner) #GartnerDMC, Gartner’s Digital Marketing Conference focuses on three […]

How Great Marketers are Leveraging Instagram

Instagram has become more than just a platform for sharing pretty images with filters, emojis and hashtags. Since its beginnings in 2010, Instagram has grown to become one of the top three social networks alongside Facebook and Twitter. Instagram’s mobile-focused platform has often been credited with aiding in mass adoption. With over 300 million active […]