#GartnerDMC: People, Process and Providers

“The best marketers recognize that success is rooted in the people, processes and providers that enable marketing magic to happen.” (Source: Gartner) #GartnerDMC, Gartner’s Digital Marketing Conference focuses on three areas this year: Driving Results While Innovating With Data, Sourcing & Structuring for Success, and Orchestrating Exceptional Customer Experiences. These happen to be three of the most important topics for marketing leaders in 2015, and some of the biggest challenges our customers are faced with.

Sourcing and Structuring for Success

This excerpt from an article by our Chairman, Robbie Vann-Adibe, addresses a very specific part of the question, “what should the team structure and the budget allocation for the marketing function look like?” Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 6.05.32 PM

Previously tried, tested and proven methods that worked for decades in building brands, audience storytelling and converting leads are failing. These traditional methods are being replaced by a new ecosystem, affecting the traditional buyer journey and making way for the “zero moment of truth” – where a customer can make buying choices before ever engaging directly with a brand. CustomerJourney2  

The impact of the social web and its multiple variants require that all types of companies – B2B/B2C/mix – dramatically change how they engage with their customers. 

It’s into this ever-evolving digital landscape that the CMO must make plans to execute marketing activity that will reach the right audiences. This requires a specific set of tools and a qualified team.

While structuring is likely to be different for every company, there are some general guidelines that can be described to point CMOs in the right direction. The particular structure I describe is designed for a company with a mix of both B2B and B2C channels/customers. Many of the functions required fall into 5 general areas:

  • Ops & Analytics
  • Marketing Automation
  • Content
  • Community Management
  • Additional Digital Teams

However, all companies differ in specific needs. That’s why they need a CMO who can determine exactly what that company’s version of all this is. He/She is faced with the solving of a very complex equation: needs + technology + market specifics + people = a model that works effectively for the unique business goals.

To learn the rest of Robbie’s framework, including budget allocation, visit his original LinkedIn post.