Shareology: Bryan Kramer On How To Build Relationships Through Sharing

Sharing and the Development of Human Connections

When it comes to connecting with people, there are few better ways than creating a shared experience. However, when it’s not possible for an experience to be shared, the next best option is to share the right content.

As we share an increasingly larger amount of content with our contacts in different places, we can leverage this content to build relationships with people in our network. There are several ways that sharing content helps us do this:

Providing solutions. Perhaps you are sharing a helpful how-to article or an interview with an expert in a field that is relevant to your network. When others identify with the content you share because it helps them solve a challenge they are facing, it instantly strengthens the connection between you.

Making professional connections. The content that you share will often alert people in your network of needs that you have, and vice versa. If there is someone who can fulfill a requirement of yours, you can easily connect with them when you share content.

Building your influence. Sharing can also help people convey authority and education in a given field. The things that you share with people, both online and offline, have a huge impact on their relationship and opinion of you. Sharing the right content can help your message hold more weight in your field.


We heard Bryan Kramer explain Shareology in last week’s #HootChat (Thursdays 12-1 PST). I couldn’t help but draw connections between Bryan’s idea of sharing and building relationships with your network to influencer marketing strategy that revolves around relationships with influential network leaders.

Bryan’s right – content has been on the rise, and with so much of it around, why wouldn’t we use it to help make connections with people in our networks and communities? When thinking about influencer strategy, we can also use the content at our fingertips to get noticed, build and strengthen relationships, solve problems, draw connections, grow our own thought leadership, and much more.

One of the best ways you can reach influencers through sharing content, is to grow your own influence, as Bryan points out, and become a lighthouse in the messy ocean of content noise.

The Lighthouse Theory (by Douglas Sikes)

“An influencer is your lighthouse in a messy ocean of noise.” This quote was inspired by Douglas Sikes who, in addition to being an analogy wisdom master, heads up sales at Traackr.

First, assuming you have identified your own lighthouses (influencers), you can learn a lot by simply listening to them. To get the most juicy bits of content, you need to listen with a purpose because watching an endless stream of content roll down your screen will get you nowhere. You can then find the best niche content to share with your audience, building your own influence and growing relationships with the influencers in your space.

In parallel to listening, there are limitless ways to produce and share content with the help of your influencers. Beginning with the least collaborative and moving towards the most collaborative content ideas, our guide covers how to:

  • Get Inspired by Influencers’ Content
  • Curate Expert Content & Add Your Own Value Layer
  • Involve Influencers in Your Content
  • Support Your Influencers’ Content Creation
  • Co-Create Content

The concept of sharing and building relationships is pretty much what influencer marketing is built on.

“Relationships in the context of influence are extremely important between the influencer and the community, the community and the brand and the brand and the influencer as true lasting influence requires all three.”  – Brian Fanzo

Also, Bryan Kramer’s latest book, Shareology, is coming out soon! You can preorder your copy now.