Give Your Influencer Co-Created Content Some Fuel

“The investment in co-creation of content between brands and influencers enables quality content at scale. With brands and influencers working together, co-created content can reinforce mutual authority for all involved. In such a cooperative scenario, influencers can gain exposure, brands can reach new audiences, and customers are “info-tained” and inspired to engage. Everybody wins.”


The article above by TopRank’s Lee Odden outlines a 5-step approach to working with influencers in your content creation efforts. This includes:

1. Set goals for Marketing and Influencers

2. Pick Your Theme and Focus Topic

3. Find, Qualify and Recruit Influencers

4. Content Co-Creation is Participation Marketing

5. Promote and Measure

Expanding on point number 3, as this seems to be one of the biggest challenges in influencer marketing. You’ve found your influencers, but now what? How do you begin to reach out, and how can you ensure successful outreach efforts?


Here are some outreach ideas to help you hit the gas peddle in content co-creation with influencers:

  •  Curate influencer content – who said you have to have a huge outreach effort for every influencer piece of content? If you’re listening to your influencers, make note of their interesting content for opportunities to curate a piece, pull together a top article roundup, or include their quotes in your content.
  • Tailor your outreach for each influencer – don’t just spam a bunch of influencers like a (*shutter*) Microsoft Word mail merge! Again, listen some more, find shared connections and interests you have in common. Most people recognize the value of intentional serendipity and discovery. This is a great way to connect with an influencer, get on their radar and start to build a relationship.
  • Reach out on Twitter – something I like to do for some quick outreach/research is ask an influencer for advice on Twitter. Remember the 140 character limit, so make your questions quick to answer. You could reach out for multiple influencer input this way, then from there you can embed their tweets in content or build on their responses in a blog post.
  • Send an email Q&A – this tactic is best used once you’ve developed a bit of a relationship with an influencer. You’ll have a much better success rate if they recognize the name of the email sender! Conduct your email like an interview, and ask around 5-10 targeted questions. You can use these answers for a number of content tactics!
  • Conduct an in-person interview – one easy way to do an in-person influencer interview is during an event. You’ll want to be paying attention to the events your influencers are attending, so you can schedule a meetup in advance. Sometimes you can come up with a few key questions for an interview, or if you organically find content potential from a conversation that would interest your readers, take note of what was said.
You’ll notice the emphasis on “easy” in the above examples. I don’t always mean this will be easy for YOU, sorry, but more so easy on the influencer. Remember that like all of us, influencers are very busy – but they’re also likely being hit up for their input often. Make it easy for them to participate, and show them the value of contributing to your content.
Mutual value can come in many forms, and this will vary for each individual influencer. Just like no two influencers are created alike, no two influencer relationships should be exactly the same either! As Pierre-Loic says, “When activating an influencer, ask yourself how you’re helping them accomplish their own goal. If you don’t know, find out; if your ask helps them, you’re gold; if it doesn’t, you should probably think hard before engaging them.”
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