How To Get Influencers To Share Your Content

Create a force of influence for your content. To convey a message, mobilize buyers, and reach the right people at the right time, content marketers are turning to influencers. Influencers are topic experts, thought leaders, or brand advocates who possess strong credibility and/or an extended reach with your target audience. Influencers can help strengthen your content marketing – […]

Top 10 Influencers in Finance

Top 10 Influencers

Who are my influencers? How can they help me amplify my message? These are common questions among those taking the plunge into influence(r) marketing. As I said in my previous post, influencers have the ability to help brands connect with their audience. In your content marketing strategies, they can help you create compelling content, and […]

The Content Marketer’s Guide To Influencer Marketing

In the last 10 years, B2B and B2C organisations alike have adopted content-driven strategies to attract, convert, nurture, and support customers. Even as the platforms and tactics change, content as a strategy to reach audiences remains powerful and continues to grow. According to a recent study by HubSpot and Smart Insights, most marketers are aware […]

Top 10 Influencers in Hospitality

Top 10 Influencers

Before the world of information overload, when all questions had simple answers, there existed an emotional driver called trust. Today, trust is harder to build, especially between customers and brands. A brand promise and its reasons to believe are no longer taken at face value. Today, influence help brands build trust. Influence that comes from […]

Brand Storytelling With Influencers – Tips from Amex

Mona Hamouly, VP of Social Media Comms at Amex, talks influencer campaigns.

On general strategy, Hamouly says, “we like to use influencers to showcase the way card members use our products in their everyday lives…they are often telling our brand story in more interesting ways than we are.”
When it comes to choosing those influencers, she tells us that “a lot of that starts with listening…to the conversation around our brand with several tools measuring volume, sentiment and what people are talking about most.”

For example, a few months ago the company launched #MyAmex, in which six such influencers took control of the company’s Instagram account (images throughout this post). Hamouly says that the campaign focused on “showing how they are interacting with the card: buying morning coffee, using miles for business trips, etc.”

Marketing for Social Selling Success, an interview with Timothy Hughes

The role of marketing for social selling, how influencer marketing can support social sales, and where Timothy sources his best content. This post is a follow up to “The rise of the Sales Influencer, an interview with Timothy Hughes,” and the second in our interview series with Timothy Hughes, UK Business Development Director at Oracle Corporation.  Q1 […]