The Content Marketer’s Guide To Influencer Marketing

In the last 10 years, B2B and B2C organisations alike have adopted content-driven strategies to attract, convert, nurture, and support customers. Even as the platforms and tactics change, content as a strategy to reach audiences remains powerful and continues to grow.

According to a recent study by HubSpot and Smart Insights, most marketers are aware of the value of content marketing and are dabbling in it already, however, more than half (55%) said that their biggest challenge was defining the right content and identifying the right influencers to build and grow their audience.

Influencer marketing and content marketing can’t really exist without each other. Without influence, the content you produce stays stealth and won’t generate any impact. Without content, you don’t have a way to participate and you won’t have a voice to, in turn, become influential.

The Content Marketer's Guide To Influencer Marketing

Whether you’re orchestrating your influencer marketing and content marketing strategies consciously or implicitly, if you’re doing either, you’re doing both.

Building relationships: Content + Influence

Your content is a fantastic way to build a relationship with the people who matter most to your business. There are many ways to get their participation without asking for too much.

By involving influencers in the content you produce, you are doing two things: Enriching the expertise you bring to the table and expanding your reach to a relevant audience of potential customers.

Here are some ideas to begin involving influencers in your content:

  • Poll a group of influencers, and share the results
  • Interview your influencers to give them a place to shine
  • Share your influencers’ creations on your own platforms
  • Crowdsource ideas / insights for your content and give credit to participants in your final product
  • Allow your influencers to vote on your content and help decide what gets prime time attention

But content marketing with influencers isn’t just about creation. To learn about all the ways influencer marketing can add value to your content marketing programs, download our ebook we created with Hubspot: The Content Marketer’s Guide To Influencer Marketing.
The Content Marketer’s Guide To Influencer Marketing