How Luxury Brands Leverage Influencer Marketing

De GRISOGONO were early adopters of social marketing because events have always played an important role in the brand’s marketing strategy. Social marketing represents very specific and highly important social moments for this high luxury brand. Discover how luxury brands leverage influencer marketing to optimise their event investment and to drive in store sales. De GRISOGONO maximised their […]

Beyond The Buzzword of Influencer Marketing

Our conference held in London on Tuesday 22nd September took a look beyond the buzzword of influencer marketing and focused on the ever-growing importance of influencer marketing for brands. We discussed the dilemma faced by the modern CMO in today’s digital world. The CMO Dilemma and the importance of influence for the modern marketer Pierre-Loic […]

How Coca-Cola identifies and engages influencers

The content below comes from a presentation by Stanislas Magniant, Coca-Cola’s Online Communications Director for Western Europe at Traackr’s London conference Beyond The Buzzword: Influencer Marketing in Action. As Stanislas explains, the first stage of influencer marketing is to know your influencers. Learn how Coca-Cola identifies and engages influencers as part of their marketing strategy.  Who is […]

Influencer Interviews #CMWorld Edition

We have compiled influencer marketing advice directly from the source – influencers themselves! For our influencer interviews #CMWorld Edition, we teamed up with Social Business Engine‘s Bernie Borges to interview influential marketers and get their thoughts on influencer outreach and relationship strategy. Interviews  began with asking each influencer an out-of-left-field, non-relevant question as a way to illustrate a […]

A Framework for Measuring Influencer Marketing Success

Influencer marketing has reached the big time. Global organizations are making significant investments in developing always-on influencer programs and the visibility of these programs has climbed all the way up the ladder to the CMO. As the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility”. As companies invest more money and resources in their influencer […]

Why It’s Time To Hire An Influence Marketer

Should you hire an influence marketer? Let’s take a step back – Ten years ago, content marketing was just beginning to gain traction and has now evolved into a marketing best practice for most companies. Having a full-time Content Marketer in-house is now considered standard within most marketing departments. It can be hard to remember […]

How Do You Build Relationships With Influencers?

How do you build relationships with influencers? This is the question Social Business Engine’s Bernie Borges asked at Traackr Caafé, Content Marketing World. From the top outreach tips to the biggest brand mistakes, we talked to the pros at #CMWorld about one of the toughest elements of influencer marketing – building influencer relationships. Here’s what they had to […]