How Do You Build Relationships With Influencers?

How do you build relationships with influencers?

This is the question Social Business Engine’s Bernie Borges asked at Traackr Caafé, Content Marketing World. From the top outreach tips to the biggest brand mistakes, we talked to the pros at #CMWorld about one of the toughest elements of influencer marketing – building influencer relationships. Here’s what they had to say:

John Hunt

On how to build relationships with influencers:

“Think about the influencer first, and build a platform to amplify their needs. Don’t care about yourself…Give them the opportunity to shine, and ultimately you will shine because of that.” – @Smead_JohnH

Lee Odden

On influencer outreach:

“It’s a meaningful type of ask that is relevant to me. Succinct, clear, to the point, and the value back to me is extremely clear. The other thing would be – easy for me to execute on.” – @leeodden


Ann Handley

On influencer outreach:

Twitter_logo_blue “My best influencer outreach moment was when someone took the time to know who I was.” – @annhandley

Travis Wright

On influencer outreach:

“…I saw they retweeted me I saw they engaged me. That’s when it really works out.” – @teedubya

Guillaume Decugis

On co-creating content:

“I think when people are involved with co-creating content and they get to share their voice they are more likely to share and help amplify the message.” – @gdecugis

Stay tuned for more helpful insight in our Traackr + Social Business Engine video from #CMWorld!