Influencer Interviews #CMWorld Edition

We have compiled influencer marketing advice directly from the source – influencers themselves! For our influencer interviews #CMWorld Edition, we teamed up with Social Business Engine‘s Bernie Borges to interview influential marketers and get their thoughts on influencer outreach and relationship strategy.

Interviews  began with asking each influencer an out-of-left-field, non-relevant question as a way to illustrate a common mistake brands make when engaging with influencers. Interested in the role influencers play in the modern marketing strategy? Curious about how to engage an influencer? Want to know the biggest mistake brands make during influencer outreach? Each influencer shared his or her insights and personal anecdotes about effective outreach from brands. Influencers featured in these interviews include Ann Handley, Lee Odden, Travis Wright, Tom Gerace, Andrew Davis and Ian Walsh. 

We’ve compiled a series of short video clips, each with bite-size excerpts from influencers in the marketing industry. The way we see it, the better brands get at influencer relations, the better the outcome for both brands and influencers alike.

Watch these Influencer Interviews to gain actionable insight into the mind of an influencer. Navigate through the playlist directly or click here to access the full playlist!

Like what you see? Share this with the rest of your marketing team and get everyone up to speed on best practices for influencer outreach. If you still have influencer marketing questions you are curious about, let us know you are ready to talk. We would love to chat with you more about your influencer marketing strategy.