Boost Influencer Relations at an Event

Preparing for an event takes effort on behalf of the entire marketing team. Event managers spearhead strategy and coordinate details, marketing automation managers prepare emails and uploads new leads, community managers live-tweet, and content managers blog about the event. But how does influencer marketing play into your event strategy?

Trade shows, conferences and summits can be a huge opportunity to take your influencer marketing strategy to the next level. Whether you are hosting, sponsoring or simply attending an event there is a huge opportunity for you to boost influencer relations. Today, so many relationships can begin online but getting face-to-face time with influencers can set you apart from your competition. Including an influencer strategy into your plan will put you ahead of the curve and boost your influencer relations at an event.

With Social Tools Summit (#SocialTools15) beginning today, I thought it might be useful to share how I leveraged this event to boost my influencer strategy. There are three simple pre-event steps you can take to ramp up your influencer marketing surrounding an event.

Identify influencers who will be at the event

  • Search for influencers who are attending and/or speaking at the event
  • Lookup event hashtags and handles to see who is already leading the conversation surrounding the event

Reach out before the event

  • Reconnect with influencers you currently have a relationship with
  • Schedule times to meet those you would like to begin to build relationships with

Discover trending topics

What are these influencers talking about? By doing some keyword analysis before the event, I am able to identify what the trending topics are likely to be at the event. As an example, for Social Tools Summit next week in San Francisco, I reviewed the schedule of events and plugged in the main topic for each breakout session into a keywords report. See below. This project consists of the top tier marketing influencers so, by identifying what influencers are talking about you can gain insight into popular topics in the space. For these Social Tools Summit topics, content marketing has the most mentions, followed by social selling and influencer marketing coming in third with 427 mentions over the past month. Through this quick analysis I am able to identify conversations my brand might want to be a part of.


For a more in-depth look at how one of our customers, De GRISOGONO is leveraging events to boost influencer relations, see our latest case study. What other ways can events boost your influencer marketing strategy?