How Social and Technology Aid Gratitude

With the holiday season kicking off this week, companies everywhere are trying to get their hands on a “piece of the pie” so to speak. B2B companies are trying to secure any leftover budget before the end of the year and B2C companies are pushing Black Friday (Week?) and holiday specials like never before. As […]

While Content is King, Influence Reigns as Queen

There’s no question that marketing is in the midst of a chasm that we haven’t seen in our lifetimes. The need to evolve with the changing landscape is clear. A decade ago broadcast news and newspapers helped spread information and content throughout the world. Back then, if you watched the news or read the paper, then […]

Boost Your Content Marketing with Influencer Strategy

Are thought leaders in your industry sharing your content? If not, you’re missing a key piece of the influencer marketing puzzle. Today’s buyers are overwhelmed with data from a multitude of sources and have a limited ability to filter through the noise. As a result, buyers resort to trusted influencers as their proxy to meaningful […]

3 Ways to Have a Killer Event Presence–Without Even Attending

With so many tradeshows, summits, and conferences, it is nearly impossible to attend and have a presence at every single event that piques your interest. Previously, I highlighted ways to boost influencer relations around an event that you plan to attend–but what happens when you can’t attend a relevant event? Fear not, there are many […]

The Biggest Influencer Marketing Mistake (And How to Avoid it!)

Marketers everywhere are beginning to establish best practices when it comes to influencer marketing. From influencer selection, to outreach methods and success measurement, marketers are learning what works and what doesn’t, through trial and error . Navigating through this new world of influencer marketing can be intimidating because there is no set precedent. There are […]

Top 12 Festival of Marketing Sessions

Traackr is very excited to be part of the Festival of Marketing, organised by Econsultancy and that will be held on 11th and 12th November at Tobacco Dock in London. As the number one marketing event in the UK, Festival of Marketing gathers over 3,000 decision makers around headliners such as entrepreneur Alan Sugar, former […]

A Blog Response to Essena ONeill

If you have been on the internet the past few days, you have probably heard of Essena ONeill. Essena is a 19 year old Australian with over 770,000 followers on her social media channels including Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat. Earlier this week Essena posted a Youtube (which had over 1 million views before she closed her account). […]