Boost Your Content Marketing with Influencer Strategy

Are thought leaders in your industry sharing your content? If not, you’re missing a key piece of the influencer marketing puzzle. Today’s buyers are overwhelmed with data from a multitude of sources and have a limited ability to filter through the noise. As a result, buyers resort to trusted influencers as their proxy to meaningful and relevant information. As a marketer, it is essential to partner with these influencers in order to connect and make an impression on your buyer. Building an influencer marketing strategy into your current content marketing plan is a great way to start building influencer relationships, generate quality content, and increase the reach of your content.

In a recent webinar, Scripted and Traackr joined forces to reveal strategic ways in which brands can work with influencers to boost their content marketing efforts. J.D. Peterson, CRO at Scripted, and Katie Paterson, Director of Marketing at Traackr, discussed:

  • The role influencers play in optimizing content marketing strategy
    • Pro tip: Content creation and promotion can be streamlined by working with influencers. Influencers are the key to producing less content and amplifying the content that is already in your library.
  • Types of content you can co-create with influencers
    • Pro tip: Ask an influencer to guest blog, interview an influencer on a relevant topic, blog about an influencer, or ask an influencer for quotes to feature in eBooks or whitepapers. Better yet, consider partnering with an influencer to host a webinar.
  • How to measure influencer strategy success
    • Pro tip: Align your influencer marketing goals with overarching business goals to ensure you are pushing the needle in the right direction to impact your brand.

During the webinar, a live poll was given in order to gain more insights about the audience’s level of sophistication when engaging with influencers (see results below.) Interestingly enough, more than 50% of marketers who attended the webinar were either engaging or actively engaging influencers. On top of that, an additional 21.6% were aware of who their influencers were but have not engaged with them yet. The survey indicated that over 80% of marketers in attendance are aware of influencers who impact their audience. So why is this important? Marketers from this select audience sample already realize the significance of influencers and the majority of these marketers are taking actions to integrate influencers into their marketing strategy.

Boost Your Content Marketing with Influencer Strategy

As a marketer, where do you fall along the spectrum? To learn more about ways to boost your content marketing with influencer strategy, check out the on-demand webinar recording now.

Take the next step on your influencer journey! Register for our next webinar on Wednesday, January 13th at 11am PST with Social Tool Summit’s Neal Schaffer and Traackr’s Marketing Director, Katie Paterson on the Crossroads of Content Marketing and Influencer Strategy.