[Video] How Travelocity works with experts to advance the art of travel

[Video] How Travelocity works with experts to advance the art of travel

As the world’s first Online Travel Agency (OTA), Travelocity’s mission is to inspire people to travel and be their champion throughout the journey. Sounds pretty aspirational, right? Well, most OTAs are known for delivering customer experiences that are purely transactional, lacking a human touch and an authentic connection. So Travelocity set out to reverse that […]

5 Ways Influencers Create Value for the Product Team

5 Ways Influencers Create Value for the Product Team

Identifying the right influencers and building relationships with them overtime can catalyze a powerful surge in online mentions for your brand. With opportunities to partner with influencers to create content, host events, and boost lead generation, the benefits are seemingly endless for marketers. So what other teams could flourish from working with influencers in your space? Whether […]

TGIIMF: Influencer authenticity and best practices

Happy Friday! Welcome to this week’s edition of Thank Goodness It’s Influencer Marketing Friday. (Check out our past editions of TGIIMF here or here.) While you were busy being a data-driven, strategic marketer this week, here are the latest and greatest happenings in influencer marketing. Quote of the Week: “The key ingredient to a better […]

View from the Boardroom – The global thing: Three major advantages for your budding startup

The Global Thing: Three Major Advantages for Your Budding Startup

If you’ve read some of my other ‘view from the boardroom’ posts (here, here, and here), then you’ll see I like to express my POV on the ‘global’ view of things. It probably comes with having parents from two different continents…growing up in the UK and living most of my working life in the US […]

Influencer Marketing is growing up. Have you caught on yet?

Marketing d’influence en pleine expansion

Influencer marketing is growing up–and it’s happening fast. With increasing google searches, marketers are seeking much-needed details about the practice. Now they need to know how to drive results. Don’t be that parental marketer, looking back and wondering where all the time went. And now you are left with that empty-nest feeling, puzzled where all […]

4 Ways to Build a Community with Influencers

86% of Fortune 500 companies report that communities provide insight into customer needs. These insights can impact product roadmaps, influence customer service guidelines, and help marketers understand their audience better. Building a community around a topic relevant to your brand can be an extremely powerful tool that marketers can easily leverage. Within these communities influencers […]

TGIIMF: Video Content, Forbes & the Oscars

Congratulations, you made it to Friday! And that brings us to our second installment of our latest blog series, Thank Goodness It’s Influencer Marketing Friday (TGIIMF). You’re probably wondering what video content, Forbes, and the Oscars have in common. Well, these topics all made headlines in influencer marketing. While you were busy being a marketing […]