Trends, Tweets, and Treats from Social Media Marketing World 2016

Social Media Marketing World 2016

Sometimes it’s tough being a social marketer. Other times, you get to travel to beautiful, sunny San Diego and mingle with the brightest minds in marketing. Does anyone feel bad for me? Anyone?

All jokes aside, earlier this week I had the privilege of attending the most influential social media conference, Social Media Marketing World (SMMW). It was a whirlwind of lively sessions, full of insightful (read: taco) content and valuable takeaways. Best of all, I got to have fun with my favorite aspect of my job…building relationships! I wanted to thank everyone who joined us at our event, and also thank Brian Fanzo, Vincenzo Landino, Lee Odden, and Ian Cleary for their willingness to participate in on-camera interviews! Keep your eyes out for future blog posts and new Academy of Influencer Marketing (AIM) courses

For those of you that missed the event, (or those who attended but are still trying to process all of the information) I thought I’d round up some key trends and engaging tweets so you can feel like you didn’t skip a beat.

In a recent blog post published by Shayna Marks on, four trends were shared that accurately capture the key takeaways from Social Media Marketing World:

  1. It’s all about video this year, this time it’s for real
    • 73% of marketers are increasing their use of video in 2016 and 21% claim it’s the most important form of content marketing (Click-to-tweet)
  2. The big players in social media are investing in live video
    • Only 14% of marketers are using live video, but 50% want to learn more about it (Click-to-tweet)
  3. Despite last year’s murmurs, Facebook still leads the pack
    • A whopping 85% of marketers use Facebook ads regularly, and Facebook will continue its dominance with the growth of Facebook Live (Click-to-tweet)
  4. Snapchat’s brand adoption takes hold
    • 5% of marketers use Snapchat (up from 2% last year); although adoption seems slow, the possibilities are intriguing for marketers as Snapchat expands its storytelling abilities (Click-to-tweet)

If you attended the event, I’d love to hear your take on the trends listed above. Do you agree? What do you think will be the biggest trends for the second half of the year? Feel free to tweet me and start a conversation!

As for my top highlights from the event, it was a blast attending all of the sessions I recommended. For a quick visual wrap up, check out these tweets from a few of my favorite SMMW sessions..

Ian Cleary: 9 Essential Tools for Every Social Media Marketer’s Toolbox


Lee Odden: Influencer Marketing Playbook: How to Identify, Qualify and Recruit Effective Influencers


Brian Solis: How to Create Experiences That Inspire People to Share

Mark Schaefer: Breakthrough Growth Ideas: How Marketers Can Truly Fly

Ann Handley: Good Content vs. Good Enough Content: A Fight for Sore Eyes


Gary Vaynerchuk and Marcus Sheridan: Testing, Hustling and Outrageous Transparency in the Digital Age

Traackr also kicked off what was the first of many…secret…events. Thank you to everyone who joined us! If you’d like to learn more…you’ll have to hear about it through word of mouth. (See the picture below for a glimpse into what you missed.)

Social Media Marketing World 2016








Until next year, Social Media Marketing World! #SMMW17