3 Ways Influencer Marketing Saved My Content

content marketing

As a content marketer I find myself swimming upstream, against endless waves of requests. It’s the nature of the fast-paced, production-based job I signed up for, right? The typical questions I get asked are: “What pieces of content do you have in the pipeline this quarter?” “How does our content perform against business objectives?” “How […]

How Nike Failed to Build a Relationship with Steph Curry

Nike and Steph Curry

Whether you’re into basketball or not, it’s guaranteed you know of Steph Curry, the first-ever unanimous NBA MVP. With the Warriors in the midst of the NBA finals, the favored team and its powerful bench are the talks of the town. Even if you are not a NBA fan, you have surely seen the viral video […]

Influencer Mel Carson Reveals Why Nothing Can Replace Human Interaction

Influencer Mel Carson

As marketers, we are all too alike. As individuals, we crave that silver bullet to stand out from the rest. It seems to be a never ending quest. Hoping to uncover the untapped secrets of marketing, I recently caught up with influencer Mel Carson to learn more about his professional journey, understand his stance on […]

Conquer the Top 3 Hurdles in Influencer Marketing

Conquer Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has gone from “Influencer what?” to a breakout market category experiencing hypergrowth¹. As someone committed to customer success at Traackr, I spend a lot of time talking with our customers about managing and measuring influencer marketing in their businesses, plus conquering any hurdles in the process. These businesses range from global consumer goods […]