Influencers have Cracked Consumer Attention in Latin America

influencers in latin america

As of last year, social media superseded TV with regards to the attention span of the consumer in major markets in Latin America (LATAM). With 103 million social media users, the time spent on social per day in Brazil is 3.3 hours, versus 2.4 hours watching TV. In Mexico, there are 60 million social media […]

Confluence: At the Crossroads of Content & Influencers with Joe Pulizzi

Content marketing chalkboard

In the last post in our expert series, we discussed how to build trust at every stage of your buyer’s journey with Mark Schaefer. While Mark highlighted the many ways influencers can help brands build trust, we will now turn to Joe Pulizzi to uncover how combining content with the right influencers can continue to […]

The Most Dangerous Myths About Influencer Marketing

myths about influencer marketing

With its rising popularity, influencer marketing is a key topic on every marketer’s agenda. As a marketer, you have multiple online sources to turn to for information, but most of these sources fail to provide accurate advice. Without proper information or training for influencer marketing, you’re in danger of doing it wrong. That’s why Lee […]

The Three Rs of Influencer Outreach

influencer outreach, influencer engagement

Influencer marketing—in today’s crowded and noisy marketing space, it’s the thing people are talking about. So maybe you’re all, “I should start doing some influencer marketing!” Great, but before you get started, let’s make sure you don’t end up being “that guy.” You know, the one influencers joke and complain about in their private Facebook […]

Expert Interview Series: Mark Schaefer Shares Insights Into Building Influencer Marketing Trust

influencer marketing, mark schaefer

Trust is an ever-present factor in marketing practices. In the eyes of the customer, you are either a credible source of useful industry information or a bullhorn for your products and services. For marketers who are struggling to build thought leadership credibility in today’s marketplace, influencer marketing has arisen to help. Leveraging outside influencers in […]

How SAP Drives B2B Demand with Influencers

SAP, B2B tech

According to CMI lead generation and sales will be the most important goals for B2B content marketers this year. Content marketing has become the dominant tactic in lead generation, with 60% of marketers creating at least one piece of content each day. However, only 30% of B2B marketers say their organizations are effective at content […]