Traackr is a marketer’s dream — I quickly discovered industry influencers I didn’t know and using Traackr’s tools and data, I was able to create an engagement strategy that helped me connect with them successfully.

Francois Bondiguel
Online Marketing Specialist, Vend

Influencer Discovery & Management

Discover the right influencers
& build your influencer network

Find the people who can impact your business and your buyer’s decision making process.
Traackr helps you manage all your influencer relationships in one place.

  • Upload existing contacts
    Import function let’s you upload your known contacts and start tracking all of their content.
  • Constantly expand your network
    Network analysis uncovers emerging influencers in your communities.

Complete Influencer Footprints

Get a 360 view on your influencers

Get to know your influencers, build trust, then plan initiatives and manage projects that will let you work together.

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Full Profile
Complete profile information helps you connect with and manage your contacts.
Content Tracking
See what your influencers are publishing. Focus on the most relevant posts.
Reach, Resonance, Relevance
Qualify your influencers based on their reach, resonance, and relevance to your topic.
Complete online footprints
See everywhere your influencers publish & share content.
Network Analysis
See how information flows to & from your influencers.
Influence Flow
Learn who influences your influencers & figure out how specific people drive the behaviors you want.
Team Collaboration
Coordinate engagement with your team.
Log History
Capture notes and never miss a beat on initiatives your influencer is already involved with.

Monitoring & Engagement

Develop focused, value-add
relationships with your influencers

Monitor your influencers for opportunities. Engage at the right time based on
the most relevant content.

  • Real-time Listening
    Track real-time conversations among your most important contacts.
  • Email Alerts
    Get the most important mentions delivered to your inbox.

Projects and Campaigns

Plan initiatives that will let you work together

Create projects around specific initiatives, events, product launches.
Select influencers from your network and discover new ones to work with for any new initiative.

Analytics & Reporting

Measure your results

Keep track of the relationships you’re building and how they translate into tangible events.
Generate targeted & actionable reports.

Share of Voice Trending Topics Sentiment Tracking Themes Analysis Data Export & more

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